Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Getting on with it...or not!

Hi there, well I think I have sorted out the problems with the posting of comments so hopefully if you would like to, you can comment!

Since my last blogging I haven't really done anything practical towards my move, well, unless you count arranging trips to Tassie and to Adelaide to see friends and say goodbye. Time ofcourse, marches on, I really do need to start selling things and working out what to ship.

My flight is booked, Premium Economy which Im really looking forward to. I have looked into Leos costs (a 7 kilo pussy cat!) and that will be about 2700, what I expected really. My flatmate back from her holiday yesterday but as she is going away for work soon I figure Ill tell her about my plans when she gets back. then I can push on and find out if she wants any of my furniture etc..... There seems so much to think about and I really want to make it as stress free as I can by planning...... I need lists!!

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