Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hi there! I come to you today from the big smoke Walthamstow to be exact, E17. I've come up to London today just for a nose about,  and am going to see a friend in Essex later, So great to be back in London and this area isnt familiar to me, but its really great. I'm currently in a pub called the Nags Head having a very nice Pizza and Pinot for 10 quid. (free wifi too!)

Ofcourse I don't really know where Ill end up living but Im drawn to east London, I've never lived there before, and Walthamstow in particular just seems to have a nice villagey feel while being on a tube line straight to Victoria and central London.

Its expensive, but in comparison with Sydney? not so much, ofcourse it depends how much you end up earning etc, but it can be done, we'll see what transpires anyway...

Things are still going well, I think its quite difficult for both mum and I being together 24 hours virtually and Im still adjusting, so all things considered its going ok, but probably good that Im coming away for a few days. The weather is still bizarrely cold for April, but slightly warmer than it was, but Im ok at present,  dressing well, utilising the Ugg boots etc!

So, am I missing Australia at all? No, still nothing, I've been in touch with a couple of friends but I really don't feel nothing, it certainly doesn't compare with the shock of moving to Australia, which really felt like a wrench. Sometimes its like the last 7 years never happened. However, that's not to say I haven't changed and grown with the experience I do feel I have and I certainly don't feel that I'm going backwards. But the feeling of belonging is there, just for info today I have had small convos with several people, asking directions, talking about the weather, news etc etc. that never happened in Sydney, so much just seemed so superficial....

So all's good I feel this inner feeling of peace, that I haven't felt since I left the UK, I have no urge to go anywhere,  just want to soak everything in! I also love that I'm allowed to have a point of view and not seen as weird for having one! People here actually participate in debate and points of view are welcome! what a relief after years of dumbing down and the frustration of the passive Aussies who don't speak up on anything (on the whole) so frustrating.....

Sorry, I cant yet give you any negatives! 

Notice in pub: "When you're tired of London you're tired of life" Samuel Johnson 1709 :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

A day to remember

So, Thatchers dead, she lived to a good age, though she suffered ill health at the end.... As a social worker and therapist (I don't only believe there is such a thing as 'society' I have spent my working life trying to improve it for everyone) I cannot mourn the passing of someone who represents the total antithesis of everything I believe and hold dear and try to live by. Despite my compassion for all living things....

Good riddance to a despotic, psychopathic manipulative power crazy bully. It is because of her that we now have a govt of snotty Eton boys doing their best to dismantle our health service and further down Thatchers road of everyone for themselves, and kicking and exploiting the most vulnerable in our society when they are down.... Sorry but I'm not one big sorry..... I for one will be drinking champagne tonight in honour of this great society!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Back two weeks now!

Hello All! ( she says optimistically!) well I've been back tow weeks now and am free of jetlag and feeling pretty good. Its been as I kind of expected really, I have been a bit stick in mums front room BUT Im happy there at present. 

The weather has been bizarre, much colder than it was when I was back last Christmas, but dry, so I am still able to wrap up and get out and about. the cat doesn't seem to bothered by the cold and he loves central heating! 

So, I was anticipating That this would feel different from my visits back over the last 7 years, and it does, but not that much, there's not the urgency to see people as there's plenty of time so I don't feel like I'm 'on tour' as I did in previous years. I obviously feel a bit in limbo not having work and not really knowing exactly where Ill be living yet. However, it feels ok, it feels right.

These will sound like very small things I know, but they just make me feel at home, first people understand what Im saying, they know what 'pompeyblonde' means! the music they play in shops and restaurants is quality, no soft rock! The supermarkets are fabulous, its not a problem being a vegetarian, there's brilliant choice. These are not huge but what they do is add up to a feeling of being comfortable. 

I worried that I wouldn't be appropriate in shops...pack my own bags? be too familiar?... this has not been a problem at all, I have found people to be very friendly and haven't felt stupid in that way once. 

So those fears haven't been realised, I've applied for three jobs, so there are jobs there which I'm qualified to do, so that's good. Of course I wonder how much competition there will be but I'm pretty confident ill find what I want, even if it takes a bit of time.  

I cant wait to catch up with more of my friends and family, and I'm just enjoying feeling comfortable and like I'm in the right place!

More to follow! :)