Monday, 8 April 2013

A day to remember

So, Thatchers dead, she lived to a good age, though she suffered ill health at the end.... As a social worker and therapist (I don't only believe there is such a thing as 'society' I have spent my working life trying to improve it for everyone) I cannot mourn the passing of someone who represents the total antithesis of everything I believe and hold dear and try to live by. Despite my compassion for all living things....

Good riddance to a despotic, psychopathic manipulative power crazy bully. It is because of her that we now have a govt of snotty Eton boys doing their best to dismantle our health service and further down Thatchers road of everyone for themselves, and kicking and exploiting the most vulnerable in our society when they are down.... Sorry but I'm not one big sorry..... I for one will be drinking champagne tonight in honour of this great society!!

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