Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I'd procrastinate.... but I cant be bothered.....

Hi Everyone, Im not the best blogger in the world am I?!  I dont know why, there are a million things running through my head at the moment and I must make more effort to get them on the screen!

So, it is exactly four months yesterday that I will fly out of Sydney to Heathrow, and in two weeks or so on 15th Dec it will be 7 years since I landed in Oz. I have to say that I have no feelings of dread or worry associated with the return, Im only excited and really loking forward to it, I am prepared that it wont all be easy, this is part of the reason Im leaving on 21st March, first day of spring in UK, to give myself plenty of daylight to settle in!

Weather, you see,  is the main reason people quote as the big draw towards living on the other side of the planet. For me weather wasnt an issue, BUT I must say daylight is, having said that homesickness is a funny thing, I find myself longing for chilly dark evenings and looking forward to getting a proper winter coat.
There are major downsides to Aussie weather in any case. I lived in Adelaide for three and a half  years. South Australia is basically a desert, in the summer it can be 46 degrees for a week and you are unable to leave the house, even Air Con doesnt help. then theres the floods, hurricanes Tornadoes Bush fires... In the UK weather is gnereally mild, generally friendly all year round... So Im ok with that, and ofcourse theyll be cheap weeks on the Costa Brava for when I want a bit of sun and Sangria.... God I miss Europe.

One thing that is concerning me a tiny bit is returning to the land of having a good moan. Dont get me wrong Im a whinger, and thats fine, but I have got used to the Aussie 'How you going?' 'Good thanks!' meaningless maybe, but once you get used to it, and most importantly realise they dont actually care how 'you are going' its pleasant!

On my last trip back to the UK my mum commented on my cheery 'Hello!!! how you going?!' to sometimes perplexed cab drivers... they usually respond well...I think Ill try and keep that up as long as I can.... it may cause a kerfuffle in Tescos....

None of this offsets the traffic lights though....I cant wait to see the back of those!!! :)

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