Saturday, 23 February 2013


Adelaide, it really has been like visiting an old dear friend. None of the harshness of Sydney, literally a breath of (hot) fresh air! Fabulous to catch up with friends, real friends, people I hope I'll keep in touch with forever. Interestingly only one is
British, all others are Australian.

It's like being able to exhale... Being able to be yourself and other people understanding, and just knowing where you're coming from. I feel like I've been nourished this weekend! Ofcourse Adelaide is quiet, it's near impossible to get people out in the evenings, which is another reason last night was so special.

It's also been very timely to remember that time 7 years ago when I landed in Adelaide knowing nobody, really having no idea what the future held (who ever does?) in those days I had to go to the library to access emails and apply for jobs, North Terrace is beautiful, the city really is a stunner. Arriving in December I was soon to discover everything was pretty much shut until the end of January! It took three months to get a job, and here I am going back to probably the same, but of course not quite the same as I know how things work, it was a shock initially the system, or lack of it here.

I might have a wander to North Terrace again and see what's in at the museums, maybe the zoo.... Very pleasant indeed!

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