Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm back!!!

Hello Dear Readers! I come to you from Heathrow Airport when Im having a very nice fried egg sarnie and mug of tea! Well Im here and I can only hope that poor Leo is too… I cant collect him for another 2.5 hours.

Flight was pretty excruciating as ever, I was in Premium economy which was good, but no business class. Probably the best thing about it is that the cabin is small only 32 seats so no queuing for the loo etc and its quieter, but to be honest I think standard economy if you’re on the A380 is not that much worse, for quite a bit less cash.

Part of the problem though, is that a few factors impacted on my ability to enjoy the flight, firstly the regular realisation, during the trip,  that poor Leo was in  the hold and wondering how he is… couldn’t help it, it’s such a long flight. Secondly the general exhaustion! the last two weeks in particular, and not sleeping well. I was up at 7 on the day I flew out and literally spent 5 solid hours packing,  still had two extra bags which I had to sent separately, I should have organised the shipping better…doh! Anyway, all done now and couldn’t have done it without my flatmate Jane, she’s been great and took me to the airport and helped me so much.

Well, it is chilly for March! But what a feeling to open the airport doors and get that blast of proper cold, it almost felt festive!  And everyone at Heathrow has been very friendly and helpful! Must stop asking girls in shops how they are going though…. Hehe!

Well here I am and initial, very initial impression is it feels good! Even though  left perfect weather in Sydney I must say 27 sunny cooler evening now… and I flew into grey clouds and rain, it still feels good, I did call my mum though and remind her to whack the heating up! 

This is an amazing experience, I feel like I’ve been to outer space or lost in time! I’m liking it! It was weird saying goodbye to good mates in Australia, but at the end of the day we’re all in pretty much constant contact aren’t we? And one of my good Aussie mates will be over this July to do some walking in The Lakes, so we’ll meet up then, its just such a long way, I cant emphasise enough how big the world is when your strapped in a seat, at least Leo could lie down!

Its 8:15am and two blokes are having a beer, don’t you just love airports? 

So what’s the plan? Well I think  a few days kicking back and getting over it all, and then I need a new plan of action, looking for a job, working on my website for my private practice, and of course catching up with friends and family. I hope Leo settles in ok after his ordeal, poor thing and the difference in temperature for an Aussie cat! I think Leo might have to start his own blog!

I do feel a little bit foreign, even though everything is quite familiar, and isn’t it funny hearing really posh people? You never do in Aus, barristers sound the same as plumbers, which is quite nice in a way. Not that there isn’t snobbishness in Australia, its just different.

Just getting another cuppa, I hope Leo is getting fed and watered too! 

It also feels different this time to the other times when I’ve been visiting. Well the best thing is that I don’t have to do that flight again in three weeks…. But it just has a different feel, its good it feels fresh, I feel relaxed, I’m sure I’ve a few bumps to come though, we will see. No more long haul for me for a while, might pop over to NYC at some point though, my last journey from Aus was so horrific I thought that Id probably never return! 22 hours to LAX….   But now I’m back in the world!  I can go on European city breaks! Hurray!! 



  1. Welcome back Jackie from the both of me :-)

  2. Really enjoyed reading your blog. I lived in Adelaide for a few years, back in the Uk now last 10 years. I really do miss the fab weather now thou, I would easily move back now.